by The Restarts

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released May 15, 2007

Recorded, mixed and produced by Darragh O'Neill and The Restarts April 2007
All material written by The Restarts
Artwork & design by Kieran


all rights reserved



The Restarts London, UK

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Track Name: Outsider

dont listen coz theyre full of shit
dont need someone telling you that you dont fit
you dont meet the status quo
dont got the right cloths you aint in the know
got my music and i got my escape
your transparent world I just cant take
acting like a stray but thats okay
coz i didnt really wanna belong anyway

coz im an OUTsider

dont understand these changes inside
or how it feels like when worlds collide
judgmental clik which you'll never fit
vacant outsider degenerate
look you up and down with blinded eyes
scapegoating you with their ignorant minds
flip em the V n let it all hang out
this is wot living lifes all about

sexuality within, colour of your skin
body shape or place of origin
all amunition for the other side
protecting their own pain deep inside
social norms and moral codes
these justifications soon will implode
Im anti religion and anti state anti greed and anti hate

something burning burning inside
its a freedom freedom denied
its your life claim it back
the whole worlds under attack
Track Name: They're On To You

Our human rights and liberties
Are violated in discrete
In the name of state security
The government's inflicting fear
All common sense has disappeared
forcing through the anti-terror bill


Their anti-protest policies
ID-cards compulsory
Police state or free democracy?
Shoot-to-kill with no regrets
Executed by the pigs
7 shiny bullets in the head

their regulations
and legislations
designed to oppress and control
fear exploitation
a frightened nation
just how far will this system go
Track Name: Enemy's Enemy
Enemy's Enemy

History lesson we neglected to learn
play with fire boy you gonna get burned
covert operation training freedom fighters
Global war on terror is now ignited

My Enemy’s enemy is one step ahead of me
coz your morally blind
My Enemy’s enemy is now my own enemy
Hypocrisy defined

a horrible depiction of the perfect irony
mutilated bodies groaning in agony
who's the freedom fighters and who's the terrorists
its god against god the war of supremicists

we re ALL the victims but who takes the blame
its a war of religion and capital gain
oil and greed - commerce and creed -
a change in foreign policy is what we need
Track Name: Cluster Bombs

How you work - Feed Family
Sleep at night - live conscious free
you clock it in - bomb factory
abhorrent need - life misery

If there is one thing to stop - Ban cluster bombs

The blind eye - land of the free
Dont say stop - Stop Israel plea
The show corrupt - with hypocrisy
Hear the screams - humanity
Track Name: No Escape

Global temperatures are rising
Storms and floodings terrorizing
Our climate's changing day by day
Ignorant economic policies
Filthy corporate idustries
Profit over people is what they say


Bush and Exxon's dirty connection
United States Kyoto rejection
While they're the worst polluter in history
This society's oil addiction
Carbon dioxide emissions
Won't get us through this century

There's no escape
There's no denial
Track Name: Blown It
Blown It

Night time out on the piss
more mixed drinks mean mischief
red bulls too strong spliff
wake in cell feeling so sick
bad buy bought on bad sleep
more to the point didnt come cheap
sixth sense seemed a bit dodge
now its no joke need a new job

Oh no - only gone and blown it
Oh no - really gone and blown it now

Thought it was a bit risk
got me tax disc sealed with a kiss
cop stop called it in quick
summoned for a dick feel a right thick
so sweet girl of my dreams
then it went off torn at the seams
claptrap gave it some yap
now she just thinks Im a big sap
Track Name: Running Out Of Time
Running out of time

materialism instilled from birth
financial wealth equates your lifes worth
consumer culture and social ills
the war machine profits as it kills
inherent greed of the chosen few
bitten off more than they can chew

we're running out of time

taken for granted all the things weve known
Now its time to reap what weve sewn
but weve planted the seeds of discontent
diplomacy used to circumvent
global industry tipping the scales
turn back the clocks or disaster prevails

coz it takes so much effort to make us pay attention
too busy consuming to think of prevention
polluting exploiting with reckless abandon
human neglect til no one is left standing
Track Name: Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design

Natural Selection or intelligent Design
argument's lost its a compromise
creationist theory dressed in a lab coat
turning our classrooms into a joke

we dont want it-we dont need it
the unquestionable truth
imposed upon our youth
see you across the protest line
Do the monkey dance

Imaculate conception and adam and eve
these are fables to large to believe
the evidence is plain to see
on display as natural history

children arent born into religion
its imposing creed without question
being denied the freedom of choice
unquestionable truth to silence our voice
Track Name: Wake Up

Force-fed what to think and see through newspapers and on TV
Your politics and religion are brainwashing society
Your cencorship and education are designed to control our minds
Don't ever let someone decide for you what is wrong and what's right

Wake up - And stop this useless hypocracy
Wake up - And start fighting the real enemy

Your preachings and condemnations on what we're supposed to be
Is contradicting the ideal of individuality
You're boxed in and restricted by rules you yourself create
Take a close look there ain't much difference from a system you so much hate
Track Name: Still Bored
Still Bored

as soon as we get a venue the council shuts it down
dont wanna pay to play in the poxy part of town
so we make our own fun but from the cops we gotta run
thats why we look so bored so sick of being ignored

coz we re still bored

put on a gig - work a p.a.
pick up an instrument - learn how to play
start a label - write a zine
get involved - support your scene
Track Name: Mindless Violence
Mindless Violence

Human temper devoid of logic
unfocused anger defeats the object
it permeates every walk of life
from western culture to middle east strife
theres only one more heinous crime
the glorification of violence sublime
the fundamental root of the cause
human nature permanently flawed

eliminate mindless violence

your in the humour coz its friday night
but something tells me you just like to FIGHT
your violence addiction is fucking obscene
makes no difference who you make bleed
dealing with issues when youre pissed
you do your talking with your fists
your seeing red just like the other side
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I saw you kick a man in the head til he bled
adrenaline was pumping you left him for dead
Kubriks classic misunderstood
or reinacting Boys N the hood
counteractive macho violence,
guilt personified by your silence
bangin on about respect and pride
but to all and sunder youve denied
It aint about being a pacifist
but a show of respect to co exist
deny the value of human life
brought to an end from a switchblade knife
Track Name: Koyaanisqatsi

Afflicted are the innocent
victims of our negligence
cobwebs strewn across the sky
suffocate our air supply
burnt out land and boiling oceans
self destruct now set in motion

Koyaanisqatsi - dead planet

out of balance life in turmoil
rape and mine the land and soil
ecology disintegrates
mother nature accepts her fate
container of ash thrown from the sky
on poisoned air we choke and die
Track Name: Bolloxology

Your peerage title grate me
and blue blood dont impress me
in all the greater scheme of things
billboard press propaganda
dont wanna understand ya
you overplay and saturate

you try your best deceiving
you swear by your belief in
that you're the only way to be
you all deserve the gander
dont wanna yield and pander
the dogma ideology

Its all bolloxology

Sectarian division n all your useless killing
you oughta know you get the fuck
your here and now a human
try seeing through and tune on
dont be another stupid suck

To jumped up gits all look at me
all high on gang mentality
like a bad apple in police
these sad old tactics never cease

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