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Panic 02:19
I don’t want you to be hopeful I want you to panic Feel the fear I feel every day I want you to act Like you’re in a crisis Act as if your house is on fire CH At the Final crossroads Now’s the time to fight I want you to act Act as if your house is on fire
Living A Lie 03:10
He's spent half his life on social media sites Behind a fabricated image of life Obsessed to get approved accepted and liked He compares his life scrolling other profiles Fake bubble full of plastic smiles He can't remember when he last felt satisfied CH He don't know it but he's living a lie He don't know it but he's living a lie He don't know it but he's living a lie He used to go down the pub for some grub and a pint But now you never ever see him outside The lack of human interaction affecting his mind There's only one last place where he still feels safe Behind the laptop with his online mates He's never even heard their voice never seen their face
Shut Doors 02:14
Same old story, the world around We’re all getting priced out of our OWN towns Discarded youth fend for your self Coz those on top won’t share the wealth To every pub landlord that’s taken us in We pack it to the rafters everybody wins An age old formula tested and true We take the door They take the booze CH They’re Killing our music to develop property Soaring business rates and music license fee Backdoor deals the council’s taking bribes No room for you the day the music died A sense of well-being somewhere to belong A community hub coz Music makes us strong A place to dance and quench your thirst To the noise complaining twat WE WERE HERE FIRST! Gonna keep on fighting celebrate our noise Support your local venues before they get destroyed Invest in music culture and recieve applause Snatch back our culture from their greedy claws CH They’re shutting our venues they’re killing live music They’re choking our culture CH
Totally strung out Act like the end is nigh no worse fucking burn out You trashed it you messed up Foul tempered flare up Blame everyone but you you spoiled little fuck up CH Any hiccup that Life could throw Winding you up lacking all self control while you're Throwing tantrums you Think the world Revolves around you and your own little First World Problems first world first world You're lucky you've no clue You never had to Suffer from poverty starvation war and refuge The life you're born into don't let it ruin you Open your eyes and realise there's no need to let CH Any hiccup that life could throw Winding you up lacking all self control while you're Throwing tantrums you Think the world Revolves around you and your own little Short sighted self centred First World Problems
Imperialist will to proselytize Under the grip of the British Empire Poisoning their culture with the seeds of hate Enforce the British Raj to legislate CH Out and loud - Queer and proud Fuck you Out and loud - Queer and proud fight back Out and loud - Queer and proud world wide Out and loud - Queer and proud right now Anti sodomy law the word of god Impose on the natives moral reform Section 377 penal code Infecting colonies all round the globe CH Implanting homophobia in your idealised utopia A legacy that’s violating equal rights with no debating Left your mess to fester while you grant equal rights back at home Drinking from the poison chalice adopted hatred as their own With independence and moral acceptance Global sentiments rejecting Foreign mandated flaw in the system Address the cause not the symptom
As the grip of property developers tightens Leaving luxury apartments in its wake Even the once so vibrant Grosvenor in Stockwell Was forced to close all boarded up rotting away The crushing cost of city life just keeps on rising Forcing poorer renting folks to move away Foreign investors disregarding people's lives when Cuts stricken councils flogging every public place CH Their crippling austerity Is ripping up communities Our neighbourhoods socially cleansed Extortionate rising rents Bailed out the banks with our money The poorest in society Neglected by this government Who only serve the one percent As the gap between the classes ever widens Increasing homelessness and child poverty rates People queueing up at food banks nationwide now While the richest get rewarded with tax breaks The NHS and social care being neglected In preparation for a private healthcare state Believing politicians porky pies you'll never know what you are missing til it's gone and then it's too late Br When you lose your job Then you lose your home When there's no one left And you're on your own
Uprising 03:09
There ain't no circumstance that justifies Ethnic based privilege state apartheid State nationality rights only apply To Jewish citizens all others are denied Mass ethnic cleansing In 48 Forceful displacement to create an ethnic state 8 million refugees still stuck outside The "birthright" policy not valid for their kind ch Denied Existence Denied their rights Rise up resistence Ain’t no excuse for apartheid Unarmed civilians shot dead on sight Peaceful protesters who stood up for their rights Kids, medics, journalists robbed of their lives by US bullets shot by Israeli snipers What's left of Palestine is still occupied 52 years of hell while settlers colonise It's time to rise up open your eyes Boycott divest and sanction end apartheid br From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean In solidarity Demand equality Return of refugees Til Palestine is... FREE FREE PALESTINE FREE FREE PALESTINE
Black Dog 02:44
Cocooned in my duvet for most of the week My Appetite’s gone no desire to speak the brain’s achilles heel undermines all Boosts your self worth then sets you up to fall Cheer up old boy stiff upper lip You ‘ve no fuckin clue to my mindset Black dog suffocating me he just won’t leave Black dog welcome to my disease CH What’s my purpose here on earth Evaluating my life’s worth It sweeps over me in waves Non existence is what I crave Break my leg receive get well cards But mental health’s met with disregard Stifled silence that burdens the strain Fight the stigma concealing the pain Hello How you doing? I’m fine but that’s a lie Emotionally drained inside I wanna die I’ve been learning lots of coping mechanism tricks Here boy, invisible stick go fetch it, go fetch it With proper support I’m a functional human being But the focus on the negative is all you’re seeing Black dog Please understand I’m really fucking trying Black dog weigh the balance between loved ones and dying CH It’s back Another attack That sinking feeling everything turns grey Please keep fighting please keep living You need to break out of this subconscious prison No need to be perfect your life is worth it show love and support to those who deserve it
It was a dark day in September When Aylan washed up on that beach A wake up call I still remember To try and offer some relief Collecting sleeping bags and blankets Tents clothing and food aid As autumn temperatures were dropping I drove my motor to Calais CH And then you end up in the Jungle With 10,000 refugees And then you end up in the Jungle Dire conditions in the Jungle Neglected by both governments It makes you put things in perspective Making me ever more determined No major aid organisations No previous experience A total grassroots operation Thrown straight in the deep end CH The best and worst place altogether A place of happiness and pain A place of cheese bread and CS gas Sunshine snow and flooding rains A place that stays with you forever A place of hope and hopelessness Of deepest darkest desperation Of new life and fucking death CH And then you end up in the Jungle With 10,000 refugees And then you end up in the Jungle Shanty town communities And then you end up in the Jungle Daily assaults by French police And then you end up in the Jungle
The Fork 02:33
Self appointed master at arms Risk assesment to avoid self harm Monumental choice is with you for life Made impulsively devoid of insight All hands to deck stormy weather ahead Tied to the mast a game of life or death Habitual dependency sapping your strength Or live to tell the tale with a message to spread CH Teenage soul at the fork in the road Adrift in bliss while your future unfolds Teenage soul at the fork in the road Seeds been planted the root takes hold Incubation bears your adopted pathogen Patiently waiting until you meet again Unwelcome stowaway devouring its host Subversive derision while you try to stay afloat Looking backwards it all becomes clear Perpetual question how the fuck am I here Circumnavigate the next impassable mile Fighting the poison eating you alive
20 Years 02:48
He moved here for the punk rock scene 19 and looking for some fun Memories from the previous summers at the Eros drinking in the sun Meeting up pre gig on the fountain steps with the other punks Blag a quid off a tourist taking pics chipping in for the offie run CH Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Time flies this was 20 years ago today Best years half his life here in the UK Time flies this was 20 years ago today But now he's gotta apply for permission to stay The first place where he stayed was a Brixton squat called the 121 Just weeks later saw his face in the paper the old bill had kicked em out at dawn Cheap travel never paid for the bus changed the date on a pass he found 63 to Kings Cross for the Krishna food and the Big Issue run Those first years never planning ahead taking each day as it comes Over time realizing this city is the only place he feels at home Got a job joined a band found his other half 12 years together as one Never thought he'd see the day the UK would say they prefer to see him gone
Conflicting world people fighting one another Bigoted religion turning man against his brother The men at the top the elevated one percent The civilised always comprised of privileged They make the rules obeyed by fools Who drown in pools of toxic shit and dissent The armies of the poor deployed in their wars We are so confused we don’t know what we are fighting for CH New world order 7.7 billion slaves New world order endentured servant to the grave New world order 7.7 billion slaves New world order Population trained to obey we’re Infiltrating and calculating anticipating your downfall We’re caught in a life-trap ensnared by their lies False sense of security while humanity dies Bribed to buy give greed a try Place your head between your legs and kiss your Cash goodbye Nice try sucka you thought you could get out a dumb mutha fucka beyond reasonable doubt Sitting there complacently observing the dichotomy A world without equality awaiting its lobotomy CH Social media newsfeed dumbing us down voyeur indoctrinated monitored and capitulated Prospect of success chase the dangling carrot While their legacy of bigotry is all that we inherit Increased frequency of subliminal misogyny Spit thru gritted teeth with no apology Prejudical trans phobic toxic homophobia The patriarchal straight white male utopia New world new world order Infiltrating agitating calculating decimating Activating demonstrating escalating detonating CH


released October 25, 2019


all rights reserved



The Restarts London, UK

The Restarts are a UK based punk band! Formed 1995 in East London, they play thrash punk, infused with elements of ska and old school punk. The Restarts have been hammering their way through the squats of Europe and venues across North America for over two decades, earning themselves a global following of punk enthusiasts. ... more

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